Membership Applications & Forms

Application processing time can take between 3-5 business days based on date of receipt, and number of applications currently in the cue for processing at the Association.

Errors and omissions of information, signatures, and/or initials will cause delays and applications will be returned to applicant via email for corrections.

Submit completed applications to the Reno Office via email [email protected] or in-person during regular business hours.

Have questions about the fees, dues, or process call 775-823-8800 or email at [email protected]

REALTOR® New Member Application

2024 Dues & Fee Schedule with a new key agreement.

Have questions, email [email protected]

REALTOR® Reinstatement Application

This application is for any past SNR Member who is between 31 days and 364 days since account went inactive with SNR.

REALTOR® Office Transfer

Have you moved to a new company and and need to update your membership with the Association, please use this application

New Brokerage Office Setup

Are you a service provider in the real estate industry? Then fill out this application.

Are you a lender, plumber, inspector, a company that provides a service to REALTOR® members and their clients in the transaction process and looking to become a member, click here for more information.


2024 Partners

Through collaboration, we all achieve success. Thank you to our Platinum Partners for their continued support!
Learn more about these Affiliate members and their teams, or explore a full roster of all affiliate members.

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