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Benefits of Membership

SNR Members explore your benefits of membership at the Local, State, and National Level. Check out the best kept secrets of REALTOR® membership on this page. Have questions, ideas for new benefits, call 775-823-8800 and speak with SNR Staff.

Room Rentals

SNR Room Rentals

SNR has multiple options for hosting your next event, course, training, team development, and more. Check out pricing for renting our space at either the Reno or Carson City Office. Call Brittney today to check availability 775-284-7628

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SNR REALTOR® Members add a layer of protection to your business. Check public records easily with FOREWARN. This benefit is for all active members who have completed the orientation process with SNR.

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SNR Studios

SNR Studios are open for business. SNR is proud to announce that the Reno office has a full creative studio for members to rent. Studio space can be used on your own or bring in your production services team. Rent the space today, contact SNR Staff for more information. 775-823-4028

Real Estate News

Real Estate News

All SNR members have access to real estate news a leader in journalism and industry news. Simply click the link, enter your information, and begin getting updated on news and information that will keep you in the know. No extra costs or tricky logins.


Market Stats Powered By Domus Analytics

Check out the real time statistics used to make your monthly market reports. Monthly market reports and To The Point Videos are released around the 10th of every month. These snapshots into the current trends of our market are powered by Domus Analytics, found on your MLS Launchpad

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The NVR Legal Hotline

REALTOR® Members have exclusive access to immediate legal advice, delivering fast legal assistance on the real estate matters that arise in the industry. The Legal Information Line for agents is 800-748-6999 or email [email protected]

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SNR has two REALTOR® Stores to supply members with all the supplies needed to list a house, host an open house, and advertise. Call 775-823-8800 and pull your order for easy pick-up at either the Reno or Carson City Location

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SNR members have access to a wide variety of benefits with trusted partners at NAR. Need insurance, looking to travel, need new appliances, want to update your brand marketing, and more check out these great benefits with NAR


2024 Partners

Through collaboration, we all achieve success. Thank you to our Platinum Partners for their continued support!
Learn more about these Affiliate members and their teams, or explore a full roster of all affiliate members.

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