Membership Forms

Hover on images to download the current application/form. If you have any questions about the forms, fees, dues, and/or process please contact the Association via email at [email protected]

REALTOR® Member Application

To be used by any agent who is not a member of SNR.

REALTOR® Reinstatement Application

To be used by a SNR member who has been inactive more than 30 days and less than 1 year.

REALTOR® Office Transfer

Have you moved to a new company and and need to update your membership with the Association, please use this application

Affiliate Member Application

Are you a service provider in the real estate industry? Then fill out this application.


Silver Partnerships

Through collaboration, we all achieve success. Thank you to our Silver Partners for their continued support!
Learn more about these Affiliate members and their teams, or explore a full roster of all affiliate members.

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