Benefits & Information


Benefits & Information

Sierra Nevada REALTORS® offers a wide variety of important,
tangible benefits to its members, designed to foster their
success in a dynamic and changing industry, including the following:



Being a member of Sierra Nevada REALTORS® entitles you to special discounts, offers, classes and seminars offered through The National Association of REALTORS® and Nevada REALTORS to keep you up and running. Our affiliates also have special offers obtainable as a member, with access to needed items from our store at discounted rates including staked signs, rider signs, flyer boxes, lock boxes, calculators and much more.


Forewarn - For Realtor Members only

The REALTORS® members of SNR are given the use of “Forewarn” — the leading safety app for REALTORS®. This is designed to help keep you safe when meeting clients. Members who have Supra also have the Supra Agent Alert. This is a convenient feature built into Supra’s eKEY®, XpressKEY®, and ActiveKEY®, providing peace of mind for agents anywhere they carry their Supra wireless key. With the press of a button, agents have a simple and discreet method to send an alert message to priority contacts.


Real-Time Statistics

Placed auspiciously on our website, our members have the advantage of using our real-time statistics to educate themselves and their clients about the local market.


Positive Image and Public Awareness

We issue regular news releases, ads and lead community events as a part of the public relations efforts to promote and encourage the value of utilizing a REALTOR® during the buying and selling process.


Networking and Social Events

We love our events and committees! Member involvement is the bedrock of our Association, making the events fun and involved. With the large number of events put on throughout the year, our members have ample opportunity to connect with each other and the public at large.



SNR has a shared partnership with Northern Nevada Regional MLS. The MLS offers an array of easy-to-use software tools to keep you productive and looking great in front of your clients. Our members will have access to the NNRMLS, Instanet Forms and the MLS University. We also offer our members assistance on Supra Lockboxes and Supra Keys.


MLS Tour

This SNR benefit enables our members to highlight and promote their MLS listing with other agents, and provides valuable feedback for sellers. This also gives our affiliates a networking opportunity to offer their services to REALTOR® members. We offer several major tour area locations.



Sierra Nevada REALTORS® consistently develops high quality online and classroom courses to assist members with timely Nevada and National issues and meet the needs of the membership. Best of all, this quality education is offered at discounted rates! Learn More!

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REALTORS® Designation

Only members of the National Association of REALTORS® or as a member with the Sierra Nevada REALTORS® are privileged to use the term REALTOR®. As a member you have the right to use the registered trademark and symbols that tell the public that you adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and its standards of professionalism, integrity and competency. Unauthorized use of the trademark is strictly prohibited.

The Nevada State Capitol is the capitol building of the U.S. state of Nevada located in the state capital of Carson City


The REALTOR® political Survival Fund is dedicated to protecting private property rights and REALTOR® interest in the legislative arena. In addition, PAC supports political candidates at the local, state and national levels who understand the issues important to REALTORS®.

For more information contact Heather Lunsford


Code of Ethics

The code of professional practice governs members’ relations between REALTORS® and with their clients and is enforced by local Board/Association and by the Sierra Nevada REALTORS®. Dedication to the Code of Ethics continues to assure the public of REALTOR® professionalism, integrity and competence. Only REALTOR® members can claim adherence to the Code of Ethics, which is recognized nationally as one of the first and best industry efforts at self-governance and discipline.


The NVR Legal Hotline

REALTOR® Members have exclusive access to immediate legal advice, delivering fast legal assistance on the real estate matters that arise in the industry. The Legal Information Line for agents is 800-748-6999. The Broker Legal Information Line is 877-503-8507. Click here for more information. Take out the link to NVR’s page.



Sierra Nevada REALTORS® has an amazing staff! We are committed to providing our members with professional, prompt and personalized service to meet the growing needs of the Association. Our goal is to help you in your success, keep you moving and informed.

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2024 Partnerships

Through collaboration, we all achieve success. Thank you to our Silver Partners for their continued support!
Learn more about these Affiliate members and their teams, or explore a full roster of all affiliate members.


Affiliate Services

Sierra Nevada REALTORS® is in the heart of the Nevada State Capital, Carson City, representing six counties of wonderfully diverse, personable and business friendly areas that make Northern Nevada so special. We are surrounded by very different landscapes with the Sierra Nevada Mountains to our West and the desert to our East, drawing people from all over the world. We love the areas we serve, work and live in!


Our Association likes to think of your affiliation as a partnership, providing your company an exceptional and exclusive platform for access to our thriving membership consisting of 650+ REALTOR® and Affiliate partners thus increasing your exposure to the products and services your company has to offer!

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